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Best European-Style Oil Massage in Tokyo – According to my clients!

Hello,  I’m Alyssa: a licensed US massage therapist  in Tokyo. Experience European-Style Relaxing Organic Oil Massage in the comfort and privacy of your hotel room.  I am mobile to Tokyo Luxury and Business Hotel, Serviced Residences and select homes for massages available by appointment from 9 a.m. until quite late daily. My specialty is a specifically-developed Jet Lag Massage, soothing Aromatherapy Massage, THE ULTIMATE MASSAGE~ A TWO HOUR SPA JOURNEY ~ A combination of your favorite massage modalities, customized just for you, and the new, ultra-calming NIRVANA ZEN MASSAGE ~ A TWO HOUR SPA JOURNEY featuring the very best of Eastern and Western massage therapies choreographed to soothing Zen Meditation Music.  I also offer comprehensive Swedish/Deep-Tissue Massage, Sports Massage combined with Swedish-Stretching, Holistic Aromatherapy Massage, Couples Massage, Couples Massage Lessons and Healing Therapies. I have a calm, compassionate nature, finely-tuned sensitive hands, a warm heart, and a compassionate, healing touch. Many of my clients are repeat customers who travel to Tokyo on business. They call me the moment they arrive. I recommend  Jet Lag Massage, NIRVANA ZEN SPA JOURNEY or an Aromatherapy Massage on the evening of  your arrival-  allowing you to more easily acclimate to Tokyo time, relax, and  sleep a full night. Awake the next morning feeling rejuvenated and refreshed!  Why Wait? Call now as appointments are limited!
When you’re traveling you often feel out of sorts, jet-lagged and more than likely have a bit of culture shock. Tokyo is a gigantic city, and can cause your stress level to soar. No worries! I am here to provide you with the best therapeutic massage care in Tokyo. An added bonus is that I am very knowledgeable about the city, speak the language, and can advise you on the best things to see, do, and eat- and on how to make the most of your time in Japan! 


Ask Me About My New Massage For Runners

Please call me for a price quote- Fees depend on your location, start time, duration and massage type. Proceeds from my practice go to worthy causes whichI support hands-on.  I generally accommodate just a few clients a week, so please try to book with as much advance notice as possible.  I provide Exclusive Luxury-Level Therapy. All treatments include aromatherapy candles, your choice of soothing music, super-soft draping, and the finest quality imported organic blended massage oils and precious essences.

I BRING THE SPA TO YOU! What could be more relaxing, comfortable or luxurious!

THE ULTIMATE OIL MASSAGE:  110 minutes ~ A SPA JOURNEY! This is the absolute top of the line in pampering, relaxation and wellness therapies! I will customize this superb experience with all of your favorite massage techniques and body treatments. You may choose to include any of the following: Deep-Tissue, Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy, Jet Lag Massage, Reflexology,  Reiki Healing and more- Or just leave it to me to customize the perfect modalities to suit your needs. ULTIMATE and UNFORGETTABLE OIL MASSAGE! MY MOST LUXURIOUS OFFERING- YOU’VE GOT TO TRY IT!

NIRVANA ZEN MASSAGE: 110 minutes ~ EAST MEETS WEST during this unique, BLISSFUL Body~Mind~Spirit  SPA JOURNEY!  Massage techniques are synchronized in unison with Zen Meditation Music~ Choreographed for a one-of-a-kind bespoke experience.  Feel at one with the rhythm, and fade into a state of Nirvana  as your body and spirit relax. Unwind as one movement flows into the next, balancing and aligning your energy, and at the same time releasing all tension and tightness and ridding the body of negative energy.  This divine head-to-toe treatment is uplifting, healing, calming and rejuvenating.  Calm down, decompress,  and enter a heavenly state of  well-being, with this blend of Eastern and Western massage therapies, including face, hand and foot massage, energy balancing techniques, and superb bodywork. MY MOST RELAXING OFFERING!

A variety of techniques are employed to work on tired muscles, alleviate edema. (swelling) aches and pains and that general feeling of lethargy you experience after a long flight. Pre and Post flight versions are available. A relaxing and effective oil massage which  clients say makes them feel “grounded!”  You’ve got to try this effective oil massage if you are a frequent long-distance traveler- it will benefit you and your business greatly! 

 Magical moments of supremely deep relaxation are created just for you with superbly mixed, luxurious imported organic oils and essences. Relax and enjoy precious essences such as frankincense, sandalwood and lavender, as you heal and renew. This is a soft-touch European style relaxing oil massage- great for calming down after a hectic day.  MY MOST POPULAR OFFERING!

WEEKEND WARRIOR:  SWEDISH-STRETCHING followed by a SPORTS/SWEDISH COMBINATION OIL MASSAGE:  80  / 110 minutesThis treatment starts with a series of Swedish Stretches, then progresses with a Swedish Oil Massage, and  deep-tissue massage where needed. Knots and pain will be addressed during this session. Slow and focused techniques are used to address specific areas of chronic muscle tension. Recommended for post sport events.

SWEDISH LONGEVITY OIL MASSAGE: 50  / 80 / 110  minutes
This full-body oil massage employs traditional Swedish-style long, smooth, and relaxing massage movements designed to increase circulation, rejuvenate tired muscles, encourage deep relaxation. and reduce stress and tension. If you’d like to combine Swedish massage with  Deep-Tissue, Aromatherapy or other types of massage, I’ll customize a treatment just for you. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR HEALTH AND BODY MAINTENANCE!

COUPLES MASSAGE- Your choice of 50 minute or 80 minute aromatherapy oil massage sessions for two. This is a soft-touch relaxation style oil massage.  Aromatherapy candles, luxuriously scented oils, soft island sarongs and ethereal music create the perfect mood for a supremely relaxing evening.  This is a marvelous way to begin a holiday~ and a great gift for your friend, spouse or partner. COUPLES MASSAGES ARE GREAT WEDDING AND ANNIVERSARY GIFTS!

COUPLES MASSAGE LESSONS:  A couples massage lesson takes about 3 hours if both of you want to learn basic massage techniques and receive massages, or 1.5 hours if just one of you wants to learn.   Lessons include a four-hand full-body massage, and instruction of classic Swedish-style  oil massage methods and holistic techniques. 

Based on the principles of Reflexology, this treatment stimulates pressure points on your hands and feet which correspond to various areas on the body. Your entire body will benefit- leading to an overall sense of relaxation and well-being. Clients tell me this is the treatment that lulls them to sleep.

(Reflexology can be added to other massage treatments- but is included in the Ultimate Massage and Nirvana Zen Massage.)   * HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Please note that 50 minute massages are partial massages. Massages 80 minutes or longer in duration are full-body massages. All of my offerings are listed clearly on this site.  My practice is strictly professional.

Try a massage with me today~ Your body will thank you for it!

See you soon!

~ Alyssa ~

 Just give me a call to book an appointment from 9 a.m. til 11:30 p.m. at:

 Mobile: 090-4609-9445  –  From Overseas Phones : +81-90-4609-9445

Voice mail messages are bilingual in English and Japanese. Please do not hang up- wait for the tone, then please leave your registered name (first name only is fine,) contact number, hotel name and room number (or your personal number) so that I may return your call. Hotels will not connect to your room without your proper registered name.

 FAQ: This is strictly proper therapeutic massage by a certified, well-educated,  highly-qualified  professional certified  licensed therapist.  ALL services are listed clearly on my menu. 

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Massage in Tokyo ~An Effective Cure for Jet Lag


Best Oil Massage at your Tokyo Hotel with Alyssa

Hotel Room Massage

As a mobile hotel massage service, many clients book massages with me after long international flights.  Lately, the trend has been not only to have a massage upon arrival- but to have a massage BEFORE your departure flight. You’ll have a chance to calm down and relax before that disconcerting check-in procedure. Thus, we’ve developed a special massage designed specifically to combat Jet Lag!

FREQUENT FLYER JET LAG OIL MASSAGE:  A variety of techniques are employed to help you relax, work on tired muscles, alleviate edema. (swelling) aches and pains and that general feeling of lethargy you experience after a long flight.  Best when experienced before bedtime or after you’ve packed  about 2 hours prior to the time you depart for your flight. My clients swear by this treatment, and say they sleep soundly after the session. A relaxing and effective warm organic oil massage which employs myriad modalities clients say make them feel “Grounded!”  You’ve got to try this superb, luxurious, organic aromatic oil massage- especially if you are a frequent long-distance traveler. An additional plus is that it will not only benefit you – but will benefit your business endeavors greatly!  -80 minutes / 110 minutes. Lots of my clients ask me about the best cure for jet lag.   From years of travel experience, and  according to research from Medical Doctors, Naturopaths, Health Fanatics and Million-Milers say- Here is my best advice:


Drink plenty of water and avoid caffeinated drinks so to avoid dehydration. Eat lightly and do some exercise to improve your circulation. Apply plenty of lotion to avoid dehydrating your skin.  Set your watch for the local time of your destination city.  People who tend to always check the time in their city tend to feel worse.  Jet lag can be psychological as well as physical.


1.  Avoid alcohol consumption and drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration, which naturally occurs on long flights. 

2. If you cannot sleep on the plane take a very mild sedative to help you- but only if you are used to taking such sedatives.

3.  Avoid salty airline foods- they can aggravate you and cause joints to swell.  Bring your own light snack such as crudities or fruit to eat

4.  Get up and do some stretching and moderate exercise while you are in the plane. You can usually find room to do this near the bulkhead areas

5. Wear an eye mask and ear plugs to block out light and sound, and wear a do-not-disturb sign on your chest and tell flight attendants not to wake you, so they will not disturb you, unless it is absolutely necessary.

6. Drink lots of purified water.  Bring your own large bottle on board if you can purchase one before you board the plane


1. Meditate.  Meditation has been proven to emit relaxing alpha waves causing you to slow down, your blood pressure to lower, your breathing to slow, and your mind to relax.

2.  Go outside if it is daytime and get your body acclimated to the temperature and time.  This is very important!

3.  Go for a brisk walk or a swim- it will make you feel comfortable

4. Stick to a light meal if you are hungry- such as fruit, yogurt or a salad

5. Dim the lights in your room and take a short nap if you have to-  but not a long one- as it may make it difficult for you to sleep at night.

6.  Try my FREQUENT FLYER JET LAG OIL MASSAGE-  I use a variety of modalities and techniques, specially-devised to help “GROUND YOU!”

Tokyo Mobile Tel: 090-4609-9445 

From Overseas Phones :+81-90-4609-9445  (81 is the country code for Japan.)

 *As always, please do book ahead as I treat just a few lucky clients per week

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Mobile Hotel Massage in Tokyo

Professional Mobile Massage in your hotel room or serviced residence in Tokyo, Japan with Licensed English-speaking American Therapists from California, USA. We offer European-style organic relaxing oil massage and other modalities- including Swedish Massage, Sports Massage,  Jet Lag Massage, Holistic Massage, Couples Massage, and Premium Customized “ZEN” and “ULTIMATE” two hour SPA JOURNEYS!

vcm_s_kf_repr_480x360Please phone anytime from 9 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. Sessions are available at flexible hours with advance notice.

Tokyo Mobile : 090-4609-9445   —   From International Phones : +81-90-4609-9445

 Please include your name (at least one officially-registered name) and telephone number as well as your hotel name and hotel room number if applicable- or leave your private number so I may return your call. 

STAY IN and enjoy a superb, professional, bespoke relaxing massage in the comfort of your hotel room or serviced residence in central Tokyo or Yokohama. Luxurious Spa-Style hotel room massage is available at the following hotels and others~ Just phone me to inquire:

Massage at the Aman Hotel Tokyo                                                                          Massage at the Aman Hotel Tokyo                                                                          Massage at The Peninsula Hotel Tokyo
Massage at Mandarin Oriental Hotel Tokyo
Massage at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Tokyo
Massage at  The Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo
Massage at Conrad Hotel Tokyo
Massage at  Shangri-La Hotel Tokyo
Massage  at The Westin Hotel Tokyo
Massage at Grand Hyatt Hotel Tokyo

Massage  at Hyatt Regency Hotel Tokyo
Massage at Park Hyatt Hotel Tokyo
Massage at Hotel Okura Tokyo
Massage at Hotel New Otani Tokyo
Massage at Intercontinental ANA Hotels Tokyo and Yokohama
Massage at The  Imperial Hotel Tokyo
Massage at Hilton Hotel Tokyo

Massage at Royal Park Hotels Tokyo and Yokohama
Massage at The Prince Hotels Tokyo
Massage at Keio Plaza  Hotel Tokyo

Massage at Capitol Hotel Tokyu Tokyo
Massage at Conrad Hotel Tokyo

…And many others, just call us if your hotel is not on our list. We can accommodate you!
MASSAGE OFFERINGS: Oil Massages: Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, Deep-Tissue Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Holistic Massage,  Couples Massage, Healing Massage, Reflexology, or a  SUPER DELUXE combination of many therapies customized especially for you- known as “THE ULTIMATE MASSAGE” A TWO-HOUR SPA JOURNEY!  NEW!  Our most relaxing offering: “NIRVANA ZEN MASSAGE” –  A TWO-HOUR HOLISTIC SPA JOURNEY ~blending the very best of Eastern and Western techniques, choreographed to Zen Meditation Music- Guaranteed to balance and relax you- Mind, Body and Spirit!

 FEES:  Cost depends on your location, start time, massage type and duration, Sessions are generally less expensive than Tokyo luxury hotel spas- and more comprehensive since I accommodate just a few lucky clients a week.  I provide the finest organic oils and precious essences,  aromatherapy candles and soothing music- transforming your room into a tranquil spa escape.  In other words….


The benefit to enjoying an in-room spa massage is that you do not have to get dressed, leave your room, nor do you have to follow spa check-in procedures.  

You may relax and fall asleep naturally in your bed after your session.  It really is the ULTIMATE in relaxation!  Why not try a massage with me today ~ Your body will thank you for it!

There can be delays with email,  and sessions are limited, so I recommend that you phone me to book.

For booking inquiries with more than 24 hours notice you may use the form on this page:

Thank you very much for reading my blog, and I look forward to seeing you soon.

Take care and all the best!

:•.❀.•: ~ Alyssa ~ :•.❀.•:

Couples Massage in Tokyo

Couples Massage in Tokyo

Couples massage in Tokyo

COUPLES MASSAGES and COUPLES MASSAGE LESSONS may be enjoyed in the privacy and comfort of your Tokyo or Yokohama Hotel or Serviced Residence. Why not plan ahead and surprise your significant other, parents, girlfriend, friends, etc., with this  thoughtful  and healthy treat!

MASSAGE is a FANTASTIC GIFT for your loved ones, honeymooners, newlyweds, birthday celebrations, wedding anniversaries, and simply to relax togethe

MASSAGE LESSONS: Learn how to massage your partner with my instruction, and then practice techniques on your partner with my supervision. You will learn Swedish massage techniques, and holistic Aromatherapy relaxation techniques which I have honed over years of practice. You may choose to have just one person learn techniques – or both of you can learn, and practice them on your partner with my personal supervision.

A thoughtful present for anyone who is  interested in massage and healing. A lesson where one person learns the massage techniques and then practices on their partner is about 90 minutes.  A lesson where both people learn massage techniques and practice lasts approximately 3 hours.  Highly recommended for massage addicts, those interested in rekindling romance- and for your romantic holiday retreat!  Book ahead to avoid disappointment!

Enjoy professional oil massages direct to your door by appointment daily: Swedish, Aromatherapy, Sports, Deep-Tissue, our superbly luxurious “ULTIMATE” Combination 2-hour SPA JOURNEY, and Healing Therapies in your Tokyo or Yokohama hotel or serviced residence with a certified, licensed, experienced massage therapist.  Tokyo’s premiere concierges have on speed-dial. Just give me a call anytime from 9p.m. to 11p.m. to book massages, available daily between 9AM and 2AM. If voice mail answers, please don’t hang up!   Please leave a message with and  your name (your first name is fine as long as it is an officially-registered name on your hotel reservation) your telephone number, hotel name, and room number.  I’ll phone you back within the hour!

Tokyo Office: (03) 3730-5588  ( If no answer please try my mobile number.)

From International Lines: +81-3-3730-5588

Tokyo Mobile Tel:  090-4609-9445

From International Lines: +81-90-4609-9445

Preferred rates may be enjoyed for massages booked over 48 hours in advance.

FEES: depend on your location, start time, massage type and duration. My fees are generally less expensive than Tokyo luxury spas.  Daytime massages are less expensive. Our fees are all-inclusive- that means no extra taxes, tips, etc. are needed~ the price you’re quoted is the price you’ll pay.

As always, please do BOOK AHEAD as appointments are limited.  *All profits from our massage practice go to benefit worthy causes which my sisters and I support hands-on.That’s a wonderful feeling!



Relaxation Oil Massage in Tokyo Hotel Room

Enjoy Massage in Your Tokyo Hotel Room with a Licensed US Therapist, Alyssa

Best Massage in Tokyo- Enjoy Relaxing European Style Oil Massage in the Comfort of Your Tokyo or Yokohama Hotel Room or Serviced Residence with Alyssa. Call Now to Book! Your Body will Thank You for it!

Hotel Room Massage in Tokyo by Professional US Lady

Enjoy Professional Full Body Massage in your hotel room or serviced residence in Tokyo, Japan today with Alyssa- Licensed and Certified English Speaking American Massage Therapist from California, USA. Hotels include those listed and more- Just phone from 11:00 AM- 11:30 PM:

Tokyo Mobile: 090-4609-9445

From Int’l Lines: 81-90-4609-9445

Message is in Japanese and English, so be sure to leave your name and number as well as your hotel name and hotel room number if applicable- so I may return your call. Relax and enjoy massage in your hotel room or residence in central Tokyo or Yokohama tonight.
In-room massage is available at the following hotels and others- just call to inquire, if your hotel is not listed:
Massage at Peninsula Hotel Tokyo
Massage at Mandarin Oriental Hotel Tokyo
Massage at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Tokyo
Massage at The Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo
Massage at Conrad Hilton Hotel
Massage at Shangri-La Hotel Tokyo
Massage at Westin Hotel Tokyo
Massage at Grand Hyatt Hotel Tokyo

Massage at Hyatt Regency Hotel Tokyo
Massage at Park Hyatt Hotel Tokyo
Massage at Hotel Okura Tokyo                               

Massage at Royal Park Hotels Tokyo/Yokohama
Massage at ANA Intercontinental Hotel Tokyo
Massage at The Imperial Hotel Tokyo
Massage at The Cerulean Hotel Tokyo
Massage at Capital Hotel Tokyo

Massage at Prince Hotels Tokyo

Massage Types: Oil Massage- Swedish Massage, Jet Lag Massage, Sports Massage, Swedish/Deep-Tissue Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Holistic Massage, Healing Massage, Couples Massage, Reflexology, or a DELUXE combination of many therapies customized especially for you- known as “THE ULTIMATE MASSAGE!” Massages between 1 and 6 PM Tuesday through Thursday are less expensive. Fees depend on your start time,  location, massage type and duration, and are less expensive than luxury hotel spas- and are much more comprehensive as I treat only a few clients a week.

I provide the finest organic oils, aromatherapy candles and soothing music- turning your room into a tranquil tropical island spa. In other words, I bring the spa to YOU!   ~ A treat for all the senses! ~

The benefit to receiving in-room spa massage is that you do not have to fet dressed  and leave your room- and you may fall asleep naturally after the massage session, without having to get dressed and go outside again. It really is the ultimate in relaxation! Why not try a massage with me tonight!

There are often delays with email, so I recommend that you phone me to book.  Please note that earlier or later start times may be available with advance notice.

Thank you very much, and I look forward to seeing you soon!

:•.❀.•: ~Alyssa~ :•.❀.•:

Note: We welcome calls from Hotel Concierges, and we can accomodate your guests seamlessly according to your specifics, with minimal advance notice.  Thank you!

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